Waterloo Restaurant

188 Traian Str.
Tel :021-320 35 88
Open daily :12:00-02:00

Zero! All the reviews on the Internet make me think that those people ate for free at the place. I entered Waterloo on a blood-boiling heat. The doorkeeper looked like an actor from an old-fashioned one-act play; a retired gentleman who had found temporary shelter under the tavern?s hot roof.

Waterloo Restaurant

The waiters were dying of heat and they kept insisting we went inside, where they had aircon. The interior didn?t inspire me, so I tortured them by staying outside, to earn their tip.  
I asked for one of those Belgian beers, Duvel, in order to look cool, and it hit me likewise. It was an average beer, which in no case justified the 14 RON one has to take out of the pocket while it fills one?s belly. I wasn?t interested in import duties and transportation fees: I was only judging it according to the quality/price ratio.
On that scorching heat I needed anything but fondue, so I had an imperial salad, a la Napoleon. It was quite poor in ingredients, looking more like Saint Helen Napoleon (not that the crazy guy was better off at Waterloo), but it was refreshing? It had a lot of grass and easily digestible cheese that was more typical for the summer season. The pancakes were acceptable, but they weren’t extraordinary. The waiters tried to be amiable, and they really succeeded in doing so, too bad they weren?t fast too. We were the only customers on the terrace.



  1. Am fost de vreo 2 ori in acest local si nu vi-l recomand…servirea dureaza muuult si chelnerii se poarta execrabil mai ales in privinta bacsisului. Am lasat 15 % din consumatie ca bacsis si restul mi l-a aruncat pe masa in scarba de mi s-a facut mie sila sa mai merg in acest local…

  2. la multi ani ptr toti am incercat sa va sun dar nu am reusit,sint in germania pe vapor sint bine lucrez la o companie buna.dar ma intorc pe 12
    cu respect viorel

  3. Hello

    Imi plac acest loc. Ospatarul este foarte coool si bere belgian bucanier este foarte tare ca sa incep o noapte fine !
    Fondu bourguignone (cu carne) este foarte placut !

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