Taverna Domneasca Restaurant

9 Doamnei Str.
Tel:021-313 45 05

Taverna Domneasca Restaurant

Taverna Domneasca Restaurant  

Taverna Domneasca Restaurant it is located downtown, near the National Romanian Bank HQ, and many historical attraction of the city.

With a traditional menu and Romanian folk music the restaurant has a charm of and ancient location, from times when the food and the music where the main entertainment of the habitants of the city.


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  1. George Matei on

    There were 3 of us for lunch. The waiter, a slick short man proposed that we tried their ‘special’ sample of Romanian meats. We stupidly agreed without asking for the price ahead of time.

    He comes back with basically every meat on the menu and bills us full price for it. Long story short, we ended up paying 435 (150US$) RONs for lunch! But we did save the tip money, hehe and we never went back there even though we spent 1 full week in the area.

    As a reference, the 3 of us would spend on average 100RONs total on dinner so this adventure cost us about 4 times the usual bill.

    Avoid at all costs.

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