Satya Restaurant

Bd-ul Banu Manta, nr. 25 (Langa Primaria Sectorului 1)
Rezervari: 0736 39 25 87

Welcome to Satya Restaurant, the Centre of Naturism and Ayurvedic Nutrition where you will feel purified, re-balanced, rejuvenated and spiritually uplifted.

 Here you will experience a blissful environment and unbelievable tasty food that nourishes, energizes and heals your body temple reestablishing the natural balance between your subtle bioenergies (Doshas).

The exceptional Restaurant from Casa Satya, unique in the world, is designated to fulfill your specific nutrition and taste demands for the delight of your Body and Soul, following recipes based on ancient Ayurvedic wisdom.

Madonna, Demi Moore, Prince Charles, Goldie Hawn, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sting, Cindy Crawford , Cher, Cherie Blair are only a few adepts of the Ayurvedic life and diet principles.

Even it looks like a choice for the rich and famous, Ayurveda, the oldest medical system worldwide helps you to rebalance, to stay healthy and happy. 

All ingredients in our Restaurant are prepared with passion, knowledge and attention to detail in order to preserve their natural elements and to make sure all your senses are awakened as your expectations are fulfilled through the perfect combination between high quality proteins, carbohydrates, fats and amino acids.

With taste being a very important feature in the Ayurvedic kitchen, spices are used in a very diligent way to create the healthiest, tastiest and most balanced food in the world.

If it is your first time here, take the test to determine the balance between the three main subtle bioenergies (Doshas) in your unique body constitution and choose the food accordingly. Or simply, let our well trained waiters assist you in selecting your menu. Chickpea-carob cake is not to be missed.

For the detoxification of your body and the beauty of your skin enjoy a session in the Ozone Sauna for 30 minutes and you’ll really feel renewed. 

You may also try the Ayurvedic Massage as the ultimate experience for totally relaxing sensations and positive recharge. 
Relax your mind and forget all your daily concerns in our Samadhi Flotation Tank. The tank is specially designed inside a pyramid where you gather the most beneficent subtle universal energies for your Spiritual wellness, tranquility and awakening. 
Surrounding the pyramid, 10 million year old Crystals, purify and elevate your spiritual vibration, so that you will experience a transcendental state, finding your Inner Self, also called Universal Consciousness or Divinity.

If you would like to take the harmonious atmosphere from Casa Satya into your own home, visit our local or online store. Here all items were chosen to facilitate your resonance with natural elements and place you in alignment with Health, Beauty, Wealth, Peace and Happiness.

As we see the human being as a perfect holistic system where everything is correlated, the food, soft relaxing music, a warm atmosphere and our friendly staff will take care of your Spirit?s needs and bring you aligned with pure happiness. This is what we love doing, so share with us this special experience.


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