Malagamba Restaurant

2, Sf. Dumitru Str. (just off Smardan Street)
Phone: +4-021-313.33.89

Malagamba Restaurant! Now you know where to find great food in the Old City.
mmmMalagamba! Enjoy life. Taste it the Malagamba way.

Malagamba Restaurant


In the Historical Centre of Bucharest is a place where there has been a merging of cultures both in terms of time and place. This place is a restaurant called Malagamba. It combines Romanian history with Italian cuisine, Oriental spices, wine and drink from as far away as Chile and
Spain. The policy of the Irish owner John, is to only use the best of ingredients in an effort to offer only a top quality experience.

Everything is done in the Malagambist spirit. For those of you who don’t know the origin of this great sounding name, Sergiu Malagamba was a great Romanian trendsetter, a percussion genius who brought western fashion and music to Romania. In the late ’30s and early ’40s he started what became known as Malagambism. He was imprisoned at various times by regimes that feared his influence over the youth through his music, fashion and style.

Malagamba restaurant was not named by accident: the location is in a prewar building not far from the Rhapsody Theatre where Malagamba performed a series of historical concerts. The place takes from the Malagamba sprit in it’s design and outlook. The walls are used to offer new and upcoming artists a place to exhibit their works, the clientele come from all over, the food and drinks are specially prepared to offer something different, something special, something… malagambist!



  1. Thomas Franklin on

    I’ve eaten there a few times and can recommend it very highly. The food is really very good and the service fast, efficient and friendly.

  2. BarbaraWinthorpe on

    Excellent food, fantastic friendly attentive service, casual relaxed atmosphere.Exceptional place!