La Cena Restaurant

Str. Maria Rosetti nr. 1
Tel.: 021 - 211.67.17

Relaxing afternoon and a wonderful lunch- the Italian restaurant La Cena, exactly the one that was not just once called the best Italian restaurant in Bucharest.

La Cena Restaurant

The terrace has a cool design, an agreeable atmosphere and we were even surprised, in a good way, by the balance they managed to create( I think that nothing is without a reason) between the outer noise on one side  and the tranquil environment , outdoors banner -like representations of the "Last Supper" on the walls/ fence on the other side? Nice try!
So much for the "good" part?here come the big surprises!
We started off diplomatically with a pretty sour fresh drink for my taste, and then we hit the target, with the next order: levrek on a bed of spices and herbs.
It sounds really captivating, but, to our subsequent "fun", only sounded captivating, because the bed of spices had turned, after the Italian cuisine (SIC), in a vegetable marrow and tomatoes stew, in which a poor lecker, violently interrupted from his growth around teen-age, had got lost.
There was no more room for the spices besides this stew, and the herbs ?if there were any (although we didn?t feel them through the respective vegetable puddle), resigned to the succulence of the vigorous tomatoes.
I can see that the cook took great care of our liver, but the levrek( a white fish, the poor guy) is pretty bland without some help from cooking artifices(to be read spices)
Although it should have been file, the deceased levrek hit post mortem my mouth, quite innocent actually, because I had the unpleasant surprise of finding bones, and not few were they!
I was lucky that Fate endowed me with distributive attention; had I been staring at the Jesus banners on the walls, or at the maximum 3 herbs in my plate, it was very likely that I didn?t notice them,(the bones), and? who knows what a negative review I would have written.
Oh, I shouldn?t forget about another blunder! When I ordered the levrek we were assured by the waiter attending us that the fish does not come with any kind of garnish and that he recommends the rice dish. We were but little surprised when we discovered the plate full of the tomatoes and vegetable marrows mentioned above.
All turned out for the best, the rice (cooked as risotto), being the best part of all that we had ordered there. The importance of having efficient waiters!
And what do you think, did we learn our lesson?…no?
We came back to our senses and we asked for the menu again to treat ourselves to the famous "home-made" desserts ?and this is how we stopped at a tiramisu.
I will mention only one good thing about this culinary experience. While trying this muuuuuch too syrupy dessert, bogging within its own juice/syrup, I nostalgically remembered the times when, as a child, I would try, to the despair of my parents, to discover my cooking talents. I think I said enough!
The catering was within normal limits. What was admiring was the waiter?s visible effort of being amiable and of making himself useful by recommending different dishes! But I suppose that, being willing to match the background, he kept on with the blunders.
And shall I tell you about the bathroom also? puff?
I am still facing the question: is the bathroom too small, or am I too big!? Definitely , my dilemma is very big, and the bathroom for dwarfs.
Prices are according to the expectations but in inverse ratio to the quality[ levrek on a bed of spices and herbs( to be read mini-tomatoes and marrows)-46 Ron!!!]


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  1. 09 October 2008. I had my table booked in nonsmoking. And when i arrived the restaurant there were another man sitting and SMOKING!!! When we asked they said sorry about this but he is our boss’ friend. I had just got to leave. never go there again