Str. Toma Caragiu nr. 3
Telefon: 021 311 34 56
Program: non-stop

I was wondering the other day if there are any cafe-bars for students also around the University. I tried to list the well-known places in the area and I couldn’t find anything.
Clubs such as the one in the School of Letters or the one from the School of Architecture have disappeared or are no longer what they used to be, so I pitied the poor student for the lack of alternatives to the boring classes.
One cold evening with few Bucharest residents in the streets, I was behind the equestrian statue of Mihai Viteazu, that is right at the horse?s tail. I was looking for a warm place with warm drinks and so I discovered Jos palaria. Just adequate for the more or less slacker student. Now I pity him less.
The space is small, discreet. You may have a discomfort only if you’re taller than 1,80 (but it’s not the case) or you have God knows what problems with climbing very narrow stairs. The tables have train-like benches and tonight are all taken by young people who seem to be very nice. The mean age is around 22, and only if I add my age also.
I sat at the smallest table, right in front of the stairs, from where I could see the waiter who, surprisingly, did not look at all tired, even if he climbed up and down those stairs 20 times an hour. I ordered Mocha caramellate, a coffee with hot chocolate, milk and cream and I promptly received Lavazza.
It’s hot and I’m starting to defrost while listening with great interest to what young people nowadays talk about. Unfortunately the only discussion they are at and that I can hear intentionally or not, is between two young people, apparently proficient. They were mixing Romanian and English words and talking about classical and modern management, about active and passive stock and virtual and material books. That is nothing about trips or girls, about parties or unpassed exams, about novels or concerts. This was what we discussed about when I was young. The situation is not so dramatic, because at the other table people are laughing copiously and I’m sure research in economics did not cause such laughter.
In the room I am in, a TV turned on MTV, house music and on the ceiling a hat. And without being dedicated to a certain age group, the walls are full of framed photographs of actors and scenes from plays. Each actor also has a small autograph with the answer to the question what does theatre mean to you?. Since the question is there, you yourself try to answer it. If you haven’t seen enough to give an answer, you would definitely want to. In conclusion, from Jos palaria you might go to a theatre hall.


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