ESPERANTO Restaurant

Str. Eremia Grigorescu nr. 17
Tel.021-211 36 46
021- 211 31 22
0723 374 707

Having a peaceful atmosphere, modern decorations chosen with a lot of good taste and artistic sense and excellent food, Esperanto restaurant does not spoil its reputation.

ESPERANTO Restaurant 

Since it belongs to the one that wrote something like "recipes on pan edge", if I?m not mistaken. The pan where they fried my shrimps had definitely not been used by the owner, but of course I wouldn’t have wanted that. What the cook did with those shrimps was cool, the soy bean sauce fitting my taste exactly as a glove fits an aristocrat lady. As "entry" I had ordered a salad with some cheese… excellent also, but I completely forgot about it when I tasted the first shrimp. The service was irreproachable, natural tea (leaves in sieve and not envelopes) and the dessert delicious. The prices are high, but only those that haven?t eaten there may get upset for such a thing.


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