Caffe & Latte

35 Schitu Magureanu Blv.
Tel: 021-314 38 34


Caffe & Latte

Across the street from the Garden of Cismigiu, in Popa Tatu, surrounded by a discretion that I do not understand, since the restaurant I want to tell you about is found with quite great difficulty, being eclipsed by the cafe with the same name, there is a place where it is worth eating if you are acquainted with the Mediterranean and have some real money in your purse. I wrote about Caffe&Latte, the cafe, and I praised it. The restaurant is a bit higher in terms of target, elegant, with loads of money invested in it, with a good catering service, which I would have wanted a bit more smiling, but in Romania a lot of people are going through rough times, even if the waiter Catalin is working at a restaurant where you alone leave 140 ron for one dish and a Bud beer. Anyway, the service was correct and fast, maybe a little hesitant when the time came to come and pick the empty plate. The food was exceptional, San Pietro with potatoes and nutmeg next to a sweet fruity sauce: really cool!
The prices are not at all friendly, but the food quality can make you feel that you made a good deal.


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