Adest Architecture

Str. Alexandru Sihleanu, Nr.12, Sector 3
GSM: 0720.034.090

Motto: We practice architecture to create spaces that enhance human condition and allow the evolution of the spirit.

A member of Equator European Architects Group

Founded in 2000, ADEST Consulting is a full-service architecture and community design firm specialized in Architecture, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Interior Design and Landscaping.. Organized into four open studios -Residential, Community Design, Commercial, and Institutional – it has highly qualified professional staff, who believes in unique, but sound, functional design.

Through dedication and teamwork we develop relationships with our clients and communities by understanding and meeting their unique needs.

Our Mission is to achieve architectural excellence through a thoughtful design process which provides each project with an unique concept. We pursue this goal through a careful consideration of the history, context and programmatic requirements adapted to each project. We take pride in our knowledge of materials and methods of construction within a given budget. We encourage the client to be actively involved throughout the design process and to participate in molding the appropriate design solution. Through this process, we believe both the client and architect have the ability to contribute to the project completion.

ADEST Consulting believes in the benefit of continuity throughout the Client-Architect relationship. The team that you meet during the initial interview / meeting will be the same group you will work with from conception to completion of your project.

(75% of our business comes from repeated clients).


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